4 Benefits of a Shrink Label Machine

When it comes to having your company stand out in its respective marketplace, marketing is everything. Having a label and a logo that customers recognize provides you a leg up above the competition. With a proper shrink sleeve label, tubes, cans, and other products can have the emblem and design you need in no time at all. That’s why businesses should look into investing in a shrink labeling machine to make those marketing capabilities come to life.

1. Achieving Custom Artwork


One of the greatest benefits of a shrink label machine is to be able to make adjustments to your branding for your variety of products on the market. These shrink sleeve bands are unique to your company’s needs, adapting to any changeover you may have in your items, whether it be a seasonal approach or need to change the wording on the label if any new ingredients are added to a product.

With a one-year printer and laptop warranty, manufacturers are able to accomplish full-body labels free of bubbles and wrinkles, while still conveying the messaging you want as part of your advertising. It’s also helpful in making sure that you have the proper compliance text for products that require legal warnings through the government, or if you need to alert to any potential allergies in foods and beverages.

2. Easing Logistical Concerns


Automatic industrial sleeving machines help to get product labels on your goods in no time, allowing for a quick turnaround in production and for your items to hit the market in no time at all. Once your label design has gone through the approval process, an equipment manufacturer can operate a shrink sleeve machine to get labels on as quickly as the product’s containers are clearing the assembly line.

This works for heavier containers as well, making sure that sleeve labels stick tight even through the shipping process from factory to retailer. With shrink sleeve labels, companies can stock a generic package and adjust artwork to suit various changes such as special releases, seasonal items, and limited release items.

3. Accomplishing Special Printing


Shrink sleeve labels are typically printed on plastic or polyester substrate. Sleeve machines allow for flexographic printing techniques, creating intricate details and tactile finishes with different proofing and coating. Companies can employ screen-printed raised varnish and holographic foils to create texture on your product’s surface. This encourages a sensory experience when consumers pick your product up off the shelf, a great way for customers to recognize a brand without even having to look twice at a tamper-evident container.

Varnish can also be applied in certain areas of the printed shrink sleeve label, allowing businesses to create striking visual detail that will stick out in the store or online through the use of combined gloss elements and matte elements, as well as accentuating certain portions of logos and emblems.

4. Incredible Portability


A shrink sleeve machine is incredibly efficient no matter the size of your business. These innovative solutions are quite probable and can adapt to any setting in your production line. With a proper steam generator, companies can maintain a durable schedule and keep production rates consistent, while moving from one product to the next. This portability accommodates efficient processes to make sure that there’s little to no downtime in getting these labels complete and goods out to market.

During that downtime, cleanup is easy as can be, thanks to stainless steel equipment that not only helps with production but properly contoured packaging as well. After all, building any company is about building customer loyalty, and the last thing you want is to have customers waiting a long time for a product they love.


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