4 Ways To Secure Your Business During Hurricane Season

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Climate Prediction Center noted that 2021 is the year of countless hurricanes. These storms, much like other natural occurrences, are known to impact lots of businesses, both local and international.

No doubt, hurricanes, and storms can affect even the best-run companies. Suppose your business has just been affected by a hurricane, or you’re based in a region with a history of storms. In that case, this article will help you understand the best way to keep your business secured during hurricane season.

1. Go digital to reduce paper processes.


Whether you run an outdoor sales or construction business, the onset of hurricanes can cause damage to paperwork and other sensitive documents. To curb this occurrence, it would be best to go paperless and keep all documents digital. Going digital with your documents is excellent because, in a natural disaster, you’re confident that all documents are well archived and safe. It’s also energy-efficient, as a digital workplace wastes fewer electricity thanks to the limited use of printers and other machines.

When going digital, it also helps to use Ubiquiti unifi. This is a wireless network management software that allows easy deployment of hardware. It’s an ecosystem of wireless access points, switches, routers, security cameras, and access control products. With such a product, you can manage and save all data in the UNIFI network in the event of a hurricane.

2. Board all your windows in time.

As professionals, it’s easy to get swayed into your work and forget about everything else. This might lead us to forget the more apparent precautions like boarding up the windows. It’s vital to board your windows as you never know exactly when the storm will emerge. No doubt, the heaviest of storms might have a bigger impact on your windows that’s beyond your control. In that case, a local window replacement service will help. For example, if you live in Grand Rapids, opt for a local Grand Rapids window replacement service.

3. Load up on supplies as much as you can.

During hurricanes, you might be locked up for extended hours until it’s safe to come outside. You’ll need supplies that will keep you and your team protected, secure, and well-fed during these times. Some items to stock up on include sandbags, water pumps, power generators, a first aid kit, non-perishable foods, and flashlights. Work with your team to purchase most of these items long beforehand, as their prices tend to increase when there’s high demand. You can also pay for a consultation with experts to find out the best things to stock up on for your business.

4. Check your insurance to see what’s covered.


Are your drafty windows, HVAC system, and other business valuables insured? Even though you have stocked up on items for the hurricane, there are instances where you can’t prevent damage. You might need a new window or two after the hurricane hits or a total window replacement for your entire office. In this instance, you need to know how much of your property is covered by insurance.

Many business owners realize too late that their insurance package doesn’t cover many of their business assets. This often means they need to pay for window repair, shingles, and other elements of their business from their pockets. This would cause a strain on your resources, especially if your home is also affected by the hurricane.

All in all, you don’t always need to have a great experience with disaster before you learn. You can learn from others who’ve been there before. As hurricane season begins, be sure to study your surrounding areas, go digital with your office staff, and create a weather tracking team within the staff. Be sure to have a list of companies and professionals available on call. Apply these to your home if you’re a homeowner, and your entire home will thank you.


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