5 Things You Should Discuss Before Moving In Together

If you and your partner are at the point where you’d like to move in together, you are making a big life step. It’s important to take these decisions seriously and to open the channels of communication between the two of you so that you can nail down the details. From relationship goals to household chores and utilities, there are tons of details about living with another person that you should air out before it’s too late. If you and your loved one are looking to get a place for just the two of you, here are five things you should definitely discuss beforehand.

1. What will this mean for your relationship and labels?


If you are moving in together, there has undoubtedly been a forward progression in your relationship. Take some time to talk about what moving in together will mean for your romantic relationship. Will one of you be proposing soon? If the answer is yes, that opens up the opportunity for more marital conversations, including a discussion of engagement ring types and styles. Head to silkroaddiamonds.co.uk for some great offerings and resources when it comes to engagement rings and wedding bands that will suit your relationship and your needs.

2. Bring up pet peeves and expectations for sharing chores.


Throughout each of your lives, you’ve each likely learned things about yourself and about your roommates that may affect how you act in your new home. For instance, if you’ve clashed with a roommate before about chores or dishes, it is worth bringing it up to your partner so you can be transparent about your expectations. Households that talk through even the small details like chores can be much happier in the long run.

3. Discuss responsibilities for utilities.


In the same vein as the chore discussion, you should talk about your expectations when it comes to utilities and who should be responsible for each. It is worth your time to research electricity prices NI if you’re in Northern Ireland or are moving there so that you can compare different prices for the last year in your area. Knowing what the average household paid in electricity, or their gas prices can help you reduce the number of surprises when it comes to finances. And, it will help you divvy these responsibilities up equitably.

4. Talk about finances before it becomes a problem.


You don’t want to be surprised by any of your partner’s finances, so it’s best to have a discussion about them beforehand. Nail down how much you each make if there are any significant setbacks you’ve experienced financially and background information on how they think about money. It’s great to have an open conversation about financials before electricity bills or a price increase on rent become huge issues for you to deal with. Couples that have a good handle on where they each stand with money can eliminate a lot of issues as they progress in their relationship.

5. Plan the aesthetic you’d like your new place to have.


Once you’ve gotten through all the difficult or uncomfortable conversations about your move and you’re still feeling confident that moving in together would be a step in the right direction, you can get to the fun part. Talk through what you’d like your new place to look like! The two of you may have differing or dichotomous styles, and melding those styles may be a challenge. Utilize a visual tool like Pinterest boards or Instagram saves to nail down the look of your new home, be it an apartment or a house.


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