5 Ways To Heal The Damage Stress Causes

We’re all under an intense amount of pressure to perform. The stress of daily life is present for everyone and has only grown this year as we collectively battle lockdowns and the threat of a deadly illness. Stress is a natural part of life, and some researchers suggest that small “doses” of acute stress actually helps brain function. Where they all agree is on the harmful effects of prolonged, chronic stress on our bodies and minds. You don’t have to live with this pressure though. There are some simple solutions to reduce the effects of stress that you can do right now to improve your mood and overall health.


Getting exercise is a great way to reduce stress. Something as simple as running or lifting weights can help you to burn off free energy. Exercise also improves your ability to concentrate and evaluate strategies for dealing with any issues plaguing you — runners often think of this as a “runner’s high” but truthfully it comes as a result of blood flow to the brain.

Add new supplements to your routine for a supercharged feel.

Those with little experience on the road or gym floor will see major benefits with the addition of a simple miracle CBD or protein supplement to kick start the effort. Even if you don’t want to add exercise to your routine, supplements can make a big difference in your overall mood on their own. CBD (cannabidiol) is a stress-relieving compound itself. CBD is produced from the hemp plant and used as an oil or in capsule form. CBD doesn’t contain the cannabinoid THC found in marijuana, so it provides the health benefits associated with the hemp plant without the intoxicating effect.

Clean up your desktop.

Most of us spend hours a day working on the computer. Just as a cluttered home creates instability in your mind, an unruly desktop can also create stress. Use a smart photo manager like IBI photo storage to move all your pictures to a secure cloud storage space. With this popular cloud storage space, you will always have access to your own photos and can upload entire albums at a time. Printing or retrieval is simple, yet you can move them off of your home screen while clearing your mind every day while you are trying to work.

Create a “personal Golem”


The Golem of Prague is a famous 16th-century artifact in the heart of the city. A Golem is a mythical creature in the Jewish tradition, a guardian made of clay created through a powerful ritual led by the community’s Rabbi. The creation of a Golem culminates with the inscription of the Hebrew word for “truth” on the Golem’s forehead. This particular Golem was brought to life by Rabbi Loew in order to protect the Jewish people of Prague from increasing anti-Semitic attacks.

Creating your own personal Golem — a totem that you can hold or think about for mental constitution in times of difficulty — can work as a powerful defense against debilitating stress. A memory with a beloved family member, your most cherished book, or a token from your childhood can all act as items of mental fortitude in this way.

Better yet, travel — see Prague and Europe for yourself!


If all else fails, take a holiday, you can even visit Prague and see the Synagogue where the Golem is said to lie or a replica in the Ghosts and Legends Museum. Travel can act as a powerful de-stressor, giving you the opportunity to make new memories while taking your mind off of the daily grind of work for a while.

Stress can be difficult to deal with, make time to take care of yourself and you will navigate it with grace.


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