7 Tips For New Office Managers

Managing takes a lot out of you, but you’re up to the challenge. When managing a business, you understand that there are countless things to stay on top of. Meanwhile, you have to be sure that you’re leading your team towards success and fostering an environment that enhances productivity and teamwork. All of this can at times feel overwhelming, but luckily, there are ways to manage your office team more efficiently. Keep reading to explore seven tips to help you manage your team.

1. Promote receiving feedback.


When managing a team, you have to remember that there’s always room for improvement. As the manager, this means you have to be willing to take feedback from your team members. In turn, this creates a space so that your team members feel they can express feedback to you and their fellow team members on various projects, ideas, and other parts of work without feeling uncomfortable. By modeling an open policy on feedback and encouraging your employees to speak up, you can also, in turn, share your feedback with the team without feeling like you’re stepping on toes. The integration of this feedback policy opens doors to further promote team members striving for success.

2. Set the tone.


Part of being the new manager is setting a positive tone for your workplace. It’s your responsibility to ensure that even though your new, your team can go to you for assistance and clarification. To do this, it’s critical at the beginning of your role to be a part of the team instead of secluding yourself. It’s pretty easy to seclude yourself during new transitions, but your team must see you as their leader that’s invested in the success of the team, not just yourself.

3. Understand your role.


This one is important because it speaks to you alone. It’s a great idea to make sure your role in the office is clear. To make sure you’re on the right track and your expectations are met, talk with your boss to fully understand your role in this position. Your position might entail things you weren’t completely aware of. You need clarification to perform to the best of your ability. Whether this conversation is with your support manager or boss, you need to grasp the business’s goals to work towards them effectively.

4. Build a team atmosphere.


You’ve heard it before, but there’s nothing more important than creating a workplace that cares about one another and everyone’s success. This means integrating team meetings, groups for projects, feedback sessions, and constant capability for communication and collaboration. It’s also your job to ensure that every team member is held to the same standard to deliver when it comes to improving the team and dishing out what’s necessary to propel forward. As you step into this role, team integration really is one of the best ways to instill a positive work environment that promotes productivity.

5. Automate time-consuming processes.


As you work your way into your new office, you might notice that some processes are extremely time-consuming. One of these processes is finances. Luckily, some services can automate this step making it more efficient, streamlined, and accurate. Check out this check writing service for your new office gig. This particular service offers to check writing services, check printing services, and mailing services. This means you don’t have to sit there and write out checks by hand for each payee, and then log them into an account to then balance the bank account. Instead, everything is done virtually. It’s arguably one of the most convenient and safe options to continue your company’s accounting process which saves you the headache of paperwork.

6. Dress for success.


Your role is an office manager, and it’s time that you dress the part. This means investing in work clothes that fit you well and speak to your personality. Business clothing doesn’t have to feel overwhelming, even if your company has a strict dress code. For women, finding appropriate work clothes feels challenging because there aren’t many stylish options. However, there are plenty of stylish and affordable options at White House Black Market. This women’s clothing store has everything from professional clothes like skirts to pantsuits to business casual workwear like a sweater and trousers. Check out their new arrivals for the latest trends, and find clothes that speak to your leadership role.

7. Be appreciative of your team members.


At the end of the day, a great leader cares about their team more than their individual successes. However, to make sure your team members are always performing to the best of their ability you have to show appreciation for their hard work. Acknowledge their successes and dedication by sending members who are doing their best emails or quick team notes that show you’re impressed by their work. On top of making their day, this recognition matters to your team, because it encourages your new team to continue a high level of quality work.


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