Florida’s Real Estate Market Is Booming: How Can You Get in on It?

Florida is one of the fastest-growing states in the country. Its 2020 population exceeded 20 million, making it the third-most populated state behind California and Texas. Since 2010, the population has grown 14.56 percent, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Not only are people moving to Florida, but they are also moving around it. People are moving across different counties and regions based on their preferences. Some residents want to live closer to the white sandy beaches, while others want to visit Disney on the weekends.

This movement and growth create opportunities for people who want to enter the real estate market. Here’s how you can become a real estate agent, professional mover, or expert in the home sale field.

Get your real estate license.

With more people moving to the state of Florida each year, the demand for realtors keeps growing. Developers are building houses and condos as quickly as they can, but can still barely keep up with customer bend. Someone needs to be there to negotiate contracts and work through the buying process.

If you’re ready for a career change, start studying for your Florida real estate license. The are multiple parts to the real estate exam. You will have several hours of exam prep as you learn about every aspect of real estate. You will also need to complete a background check and submit your fingerprints for your real estate license. This process is commonplace across the United States, no matter where you decide to get certified. Once you have your real estate license you can start representing clients to help them buy or sell their homes.

Start a moving company.

One of the best parts about the real estate market is that you don’t have to become a broker in order to profit from industry demand. There are plenty of jobs beyond real estate agents to profit off the hot market. For example, you may be able to start a moving company that helps people with their next move.

Most professional movers have specialties when helping customers. For example, one moving company in Miami, FL might specialize in local moving while another in Fort Lauderdale offers long-distance moves. Professional movers can also decide whether they would prefer to service commercial or residential moves.

If you can carefully handle the belongings of others, then you might be able to make money operating a professional moving company.

Open a staging business.

There are other options if you don’t want to become a licensed broker or mover. For example, you can start a staging business and offer consultations with potential sellers.

Home staging is the process of making a space look more appealing by improving its design and decor. For example, if a home has bright pink wallpaper, then a staging consultant would recommend stripping and repainting it in a more neutral tone. Home stagers can help sellers declutter to make a room look bigger and can even furnish a house to make it look modern. Staging can increase the perceived value of a home while increasing the chances that it sells faster.

If you have a passion for interior design, consider starting a staging business. You can make money exclusively through consultations or you can charge more to stage and design a space yourself.

Florida will continue to be a popular state in the coming years, especially in the diverse regions of South Florida. If you live near Miami-Dade county or on the Gulf Coast, look into your local real estate scene. You might be able to develop a business model and offer quality customer service to new residents of the Sunshine State.


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