How Celebrities Avoid Panty Lines on the Red Carpet

For a woman, getting dressed up can be a very involved process. We want to look out best for our outing with the perfect makeup and hairstyle, whether it’s for a date at a local restaurant or the red carpet. But nothing can ruin the perfect look like being spotted with visible panty lines. Any outfit, whether casual or cocktail, can be ruined by a visible panty line, so it’s a relief to know that thongs are not your only option for avoiding the dreaded lines! While many opt to just go commando since it can feel more freeing it is not always the most comfortable or sanitary option.

Many underwear companies offer their own twist on the perfect undergarment. There are boy shorts that are made to hide every line as well as stretch comfort briefs or vanishing bras by Soma. Most are made of smooth and silky material that mold to your skin. If you are in love with the idea of wearing a sexy, slinky silk dress like most celebrities, you will definitely want the right bra or panty to go with it. The material is usually just too smooth and clings to every inch of your body. A good idea is to pick out an undergarment that is thicker or more textured. This type of fabric works well with silk and will help to eliminate any lines you may have. Here are a few tips and tricks to hiding your panty lines when you’re all dolled up.

Animal print says it all.

If there is just no way of hiding a small panty line, try to wear something that has a bold pattern. Usually animal print is the way to go. But any form of a pattern, from paisley to stripes, would do the trick. Everyone’s eyes will be too focused on the gorgeous print to worry about any unseemly lines.

Embrace tights.

While finding the perfect underwear is important, you can also choose to layer body shapers or tights over them. While stockings may not be appropriate for the hotter months this option can be a go-to staple when the weather turns cool. Pantyhose can often smooth out any lines for you and have you looking sleek in the silkiest of fabrics.

Shake what your momma gave you!

Even though a slip may sound like something passé your grandmother or mother may have worn, it’s actually pretty cool and it works. To wear a slip correctly you will want to run the skirt or dress with the slip through a hanger to help prevent any static cling. Once that is done and you slip it on (pun intended) you’ll look like a million dollars. Finding a slip close to your skin tone is the best option since the whole purpose is to hide what’s under your clothes you want to make sure it all camouflages.

Turn to the professionals.

If all else fails, turn to the professionals. Most will tell you to use thongs or a G-string. While most would agree that these options can often be uncomfortable they do the job right. You can also try to go commando, but it’s important to remember not to pull a Britney while exiting your car. You should also be careful not to wear a thong every day since they can often be the cause of wanted rashes. To err on the side of caution make sure that if you have to wear a thong it is the correct size and is made of breathable cotton material.


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